Horn Not OK Please

In Pune people use horns to:
1) Inform someone that they have arrived to pick them up
2) Scare a senior citizen off a zebra from crossing the road
3) Get some law abiding driver ahead of them to move on in a red light
etc etc

Lets not forget that the horn is meant to warn people or other drivers getting in way of a moving vehicle or breaking some traffic rules.

Indiscriminate use is not only rude but also a public nuisance. Often people who arrive to pick up somebody prefer to honk. The frequency and intensity increases if there is no response from the intended person as he or she often remains blissfully unaware. The entire neighbourhood gets thoroughly disturbed. Remember there could be old or sick people and students preparing for exams. Some basic courtesies have to be followed. Go up yourself or use a cell phone.

No one wants to make a permanent halt at any signal. Do give a moment before the vehicle ahead of you moves on instead of blasting away on the horn. There could be an unexpected pedestrian or some genuine reason why his progress is delayed by a fraction.

Do show respect to senior citizens who want to cross roads. Many have physical limitations (failing eyesight, joint problems, hearing issues etc) which reduces their walking speed. All of us will reach this stage at some time.

If you have to use auditory systems in your vehicle to warn people ahead or express your anger, do show some discretion.

I am not really sure of the origin or the sign 'Horn Ok Please' often seen on the rear of trucks.
It is definitely Not OK to blow the horn without reason and irresponsibly.



Useful Links and URL's (PMT.PMC.etc)

Request all to post any links to imp URL's etc as Comments to this post..

Pune'ites can register their complaints regarding road problems on a PMC portal using google map


It has to be now...

Last month, a bus ran over a school boy in the wee hours of the morning, snuffing out a young life barely a few summers old. He was cycling to school for football practise. As usual this has led to a debate of building cycle tracks in the city.

Here are a few observations. A cycle does not need to be registered with the RTO nor does the cyclist need a license. In fact, I am not sure there is a minimum age for a person to be cycling on the road. The city does 'boast' a few tracks but what is their state? The one on Canal road is built through several trees. While we laud the conservation attempts, it can be most inconvenient to cycle around them a la slalom skiers! And that's if one can save themselves from the overhanging branches. Some are used by the irrepressible two wheeler drivers as they try to get ahead come what may, even going in the wrong direction. Thelavalas too set up shop here or simply park their vehicles for a siesta. So where does that leave cyclists? In all other road lanes of course.

Everyone wants to travel safely on roads but wants someone else to do something about it. Parents must use discretion in sending their children solo on busy traffic routes. Children tend to develop wrong habits as they become more confident. So parents must also travel with children often to supervise their safety awareness when cycling solo. We need to think out various means to ensure that our children cycle with safety.

We need to take pride in following rules. Traffic discipline has to come from within. Hope some awakening occurs sooner rather than later.....




Puzzle: What is meaning of different lines with different colors?

For quite long time, I used to wonder about different types of lines marked on the road. One can see continuous yellow lines (---), white lines, (---), alternate white lines (- - - -). What is the meaning of each type of line?